How to Wear Your Regalia

  • Female graduate shows the proper way to wear a gown


    • Slip into your gown. It should fall freely from your shoulders and the hem should come down to your mid-calf. Make sure the sleeves are sitting comfortably. 

    • Use our Happy Hook to ensure a tight fit 

    • Option to Zip up your zipper for a clean look.

    • Don't forget, we added pockets to bring along your important items during commencement.

  • Male graduate shows the proper way to wear a regalia cap


    • The cap is worn flat on your head, with the tassel on the right side. 

    • Adjust the cap so it sits level and comfortably, without tilting. 

    • During the ceremony, you'll be instructed to move the tassel to the left side, signifying your status as a graduate. That’s where the name Happy Tassel comes from.

  • Male and female Master's graduates show the proper way to wear a regalia hood

    Hood (Applicable to Masters)

    • If you are graduating with a master's degree, your regalia includes a hood. Drape the hood around your neck with the velvet side showing. The small tapered end should rest at the front of your neck, and the larger portion drapes down your back. 

    • The hood's colors represent your university. To expose the lining of the hood, have a friend straighten the hood then fold the velvet portion at the bottom of the hood back.

    • Lastly, for your comfort, fasten the cord on the front of the hood to the button inside the gown. The button is on your left side next to the zipper.


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